Outstanding Arrowman of the Year

This award is presented to one youth Arrowman and one adult Arrowman who provide exceptional service to our Lodge, and exhibit outstanding spirit in the support of Lodge traditions during the past year. Listed below are the Arrowmen that met the challenage of being called Outstanding Arrowman of the Year.

Year Youth Recipient Adult Recipient
1978 Mark Cardinal Donald Dees
1979 Mark Lemaire Jody Cole
1980 Thomas Blasingame Kelly Dean
1981 Ronnie Cobb Vern Morgan/Dave Kandik
1982 Ronnie Cobb Jim Tarver
1983 Richard J. Cole Jr. Cliff Hazel
1984 Leighton Greenlee Wilbert LeDoux
1985 Don Seymour Bradley Durouso
1986 Aaron Tarver Don Rigler
1987 Russell Roberts Wilbert LeDoux
1988 Richard J. Cole. Jr. Dan Houston
1989 Russell Roberts Wilbert LeDoux
1990 Jason Robbins John T. Haifley
1991 Vinson Mouser Leonard Myers
1992 Richard Lejeune Roland Lejeune
1995 Michael DeLeon
1998 Andy Chapman Jody Cole
1999 Justin Abshire Dean Day
2000 Clay Kirkpatrick Richard Bottini
2004 Michael Fruge Donald Dees
2005 Nathan Ullom Tom Ullom
2006 Scott Hendricks Ernest Maggiore
2007 Brett Chapman Brandon Hart
2008 Hunter Guidry Kodey Kershaw
2009 Ryan Johnston Justin Abshire
2010 Jeremi Edwards Frank "Flash" Williams
2011 Brandon Brewer David Billodeau
2012 Hayden Leblanc Donald Dees
2013 J.C. Land Pam Dartez
2014 Nick Louvier Elizabeth Wagster
2017 Noah Farque and Barron Koll Joel Dees
2018 Kevin Cagnolatti David Day