Quelqueshoe Lodge - Dues

Order of the Arrow lodge dues are $15 per year. If you have completed your Ordeal last year, then you would owe this year's dues.

If you wish to know your dues status, please contact the lodge adviser.

Transferring Lodges?

If you have moved into the Calcasieu Area Council and want to transfer into Quelqueshoe Lodge, please pay your dues online and we will have somebody with the lodge contact you.

The lodge flap signifies active dues paid membership in a local lodge. "Members of the OA may be official dues-paying (and, in the case of youth, voting) members of only one lodge, that being the lodge chartered to the council where they reside and have their principal Scouting Registration."

How to Pay Dues?

Paying dues is incredibly simple. Fill out the form below and hit submit. If you want to pay multiple years in advance, simply indicate the number of years you wish to prepay and then multiply your payment by 15 (e.g. 10 years * $15 = $150). Please keep in mind that overtime dues may increase.

Secured Site

You may receive a message to the effect that your connection to this website is not secured and that you should not enter any sensitive information such as login information or credit card information. If you would rather pay your dues on a secured website, please visit the form directly at this url: https://forms.tentaroo.com/embed.php?id=1945040