2014 Annual Recognition Banquet

The annual recognition baquet for 2014 will be held January 10, 2015 at Camp Edgewood. Dinner will start at 6:30 in the dinning hall, followed by the presentation of awards and recognitions for 2014 as well as the installment of the 2015 slate of officers. All arrowmen and their families are invited to attend. Click here to register. You can pay at the scout office or at the door, but you must make sure we know you are coming ahead of time so we have enough food.

NOAC 2015

The National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) is an event in which Arrowmen from all across the country gather together in fellowship. Next year, NOAC will be held on August 3-8 at Michigan State University. This NOAC will be the biggest in the Order's history, because next year is the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow. In honor of this, the National Order of the Arrow Committee has announced that anyone who attends NOAC 2015 will recieve a special edition sash that will have a white arrow on a red sash. If you would like to attend, please sign up here so we can contact you with more information. This is not a committment. You are simply putting your name on our list.

Dues are Due

Annual Dues are $10 for all arrowmen of any age or level of membership. In order to recieve your Quelqueshoe Lodge membership card, you must pay your dues. You can pay at the scout office or at check-in at any lodge event. 

75th Anniversary

On November 19, 1939, the first meeting of Quelqueshoe Lodge was held at Camp Prien, marking November 19 as our lodge's anniversary. On November 19, 2014, the lodge will be 75 years old. In honor of this great milestone in our history, a special version of our standard issue lodge flap has been made and is available for purchase and any lodge event. We also have new lodge t-shirts that are made especially for our 75th anniversary and can also be bought at any lodge event.

2015 Annual Recognition Banquet

On January 11, 75 people, arrowmen and family members gathered at First United Methodist Church of Lake Charles to honor our accomplishments and leaders of 2013. Read about the awards here.