Quelqueshoe Lodge Ordeal Weekend September 11-13

On the weekend of September 11 Quelqueshoe Lodge will host it's fall ordeal.  This is where the candidates who were tapped out within the past year (2014 WinterCamp and 2015 SummerCamp) can complete their ordeal and become a member of our lodge.  This is also a time for the brotherhood eligible members (10 months after the completion of your ordeal) to complete their brotherhood and become a full member of Quelqueshoe Lodge.  The cost for the weekend will be: Ordeal Completion $35, Brotherhood Completion $30, and Regular Member $18. 

Ordeal Registration Link 

Ordeal Packing List

Work clothes, sunscreen, sleeping bag, ground sheet, sleeping pad, tent, regular leisure clothes, shower items, toiletries, NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES (except phones), gloves, and a backpack or duffel bag to put items in. 

Father & Son selected for Top OA Regional Positions

John Williams of Troop 107 in Lake Charles, has been elected Section Chief of the SR-1A Section for 2015-2016. Section SR-1A encompasses six Order of the Arrow lodges that makes up five of Louisiana lodges and one lodge in Mississippi. He was elected by the youth members of these lodges to represent the area at the OA National Planning Meeting in December. He is also responsible for planning and leading the annual Section Conclave  of the six lodges to be held next April, as well as leadidng local training and planning events. John is an Eagel Scout, Vigil Honor in Quelqueshoe and a graduating Senior from Barbe High School. He also served as Quelqueshoe Lodge Chief for two years. In the fall, he will be attending Mississippi State Universiity.

Frank Williams, Scoutmaster of Troop 107, in Lake Charles and father of John Williams, has been appointed as Section Adviser for OA Section SR-1A beginning in 2015. He is responsible for advising the youth offiers of the Section as well as assisting the six OA Lodge Advisers. He will be working with the Area OA Director and Regional OA Chairman to insure the local section operates effectively. Frank is an Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor in Quelqueshoe Lodge, and a former Section Chief as a youth. Both father and son have been awarded the Order of the Arrow Founder's Award.

Congratulations to Quelqueshoe Lodge on the 7 Awards at SR-1A Conclave

Quelqueshoe Lodge under the leadership of Chief Brandon Brewer, Vice Chief Adam Wagster and Secretary  Nick Louviere, the lodge won 7 awards during the SR-1A Conclave. The awards are:

Lodge participation

Man Miles Award 7,228 Miles

Pre-Vigil Ceremony

Pre-Ordeal Ceremony

2nd Place Founder's Day

Lodge Participation Award

Men Miles Award for the last distance to the Conclave

Members of the Lodge that attended the Conclave were: Cameron Banister, Michael Borders, Brandon Brewer, Isaish Brown, kevin Cagrolatte, Bert Combs, Ethan Honeycutt, Patrick Juneau, Michael LeJuneau, Nick Louviere, Adam Wagster, Brandon Shadle, Patrict Choat, John Williams,and Bryce Ritchie. Adults were: Kevin Brewer, Robbie Broussard, Vern and Nita Morgan, Elizabeth Wagster, Clive Choat, Gene Cobb, Frank Williams, and Rich Lee.

LEC Positions Available

The following positons are still available for youth and adult Arrowmen:

OA Troop Representative Chairman

Quelqueshoe Drum & Dance Team Chairman

Membership Committee Chairman

Leadership Development Chairman

Camping Promotion/"Where To Go Camping" Chairman

Activities & Service Chairman

Red Apron Kitchen Chairman

New Supreme Chief of the Fire

Mr. Mike Beer has been selected Council Scout Executive for Calcasieu Area Council. As the Council Scout Executive, he is also the Supreme Chief of the Fire for Quelqueshoe Lodge. We welcome him to our council and to our lodge. He officially begins February 16th.


2014 Annual Banquet

The annual recognition banquet for 2014 was held at Camp Edgewood on January 10, 2015. It was a homecoming back to Camp Edgewood for our 75th Anniversary of the lodge. Vice Chief J.C. Land opened the ceremonies. There was the annual presentation of roses by Chief John Williams to the moms of the lodge officers. Brandon Brewer presented the new Vigil Honor members with their new names and Vigil sashes (Mr. Doug Brackbill and J.C. Land). Arrowman of the Year was awarded to adult - Elizabeth Wagster and youth - Nich Louviere. The Founders Award was awarded to adult -Mr. Rich Lee and youth - J.C. Land.


2015 Quelqueshoe Lodge Officers

 Chief : Brandon Brewer                    Contact:

 Vice Chief : Adam Wagster               Contact:

 Secretar/Treasure: Nick Louviere      Contact:

 Lodge Adviser: Mr. Rich Lee             Contact:


Centennial Vigil Card 

Vigil Honor members have a unique opportunity to purchase a commemorative centennial Vigil card. The cost of the card is $10 and can be ordered by completing the order form on Order of the  website. Don't miss out on this limited opportunity. All proceeds are going to the OA endowment.

Centuries of Service Arrowman Service Award

Arrowmen can work on the requirements from July 16th, 2014 until December 31st, 2015. Go to Order of the Arrow .org website for the form. Complete the Arrowman Service Award Progress Tracker and turn it in to our Lodge Adviser.