Lodge Banquet

Arrowmen as the new year comes Quelqueshoe lodge will be holding its annual banquet to recongnize those who have given outstanding service throughout the year. The lodge will also be inducting in the 2017 lodge officers, the banquet will be held at Camp Edgewood on January 7th.

Banquet Registration

Winter Fellowship

December 9th though the 11th Quelqueshoe lodge will be hosting our Winter fellowship at Camp Edgewood, newer arrowmen can use this opportunity to get to meet more people from the lodge and have fun while doing so, older arrowmen can use this time to rededicate themselves to the firm ideals of scouting that the OA was based upon. During this week we will have a project to benefit the camp and a plethora of things for arrowmen to do. Registration will be $20

Fellowship Registration

November LEC

Sunday November 13th the lodge will conduct it's monthly lodge exectutive committee meeting and we invite all arrowmen to come. Some of the major talking points of this meeting will be: the food drive, the winter fellowship, and the section seminar. 

Canned Food Drive

The lodge will be holding a canned food drive to support the areas of Louisiana affected by the recent floods, we request your assistance in gathering up nonperishable canned food to support them around thanksgiving. A flyer with more information will supplied at the bottom of this post

Flyer Link

Summer Ordeal

The weekend of september 30th Qulqueshoe Lodge will host its summer ordeal, candidates who were tapped out at 2016 Summer camp or 2015 Winter camp can complete their ordeal to become a member of our lodge. This is also a time for brotherhood eligible members (10 months after the completion of your ordeal) to complete their brotherhood and become a full member of Quelqueshoe Lodge. The cost for the weekend will be: Ordeal Completion $35, Brotherhood Completion $30, and Regular Member $18. Check-in will be at Camp Edgewood onFriday from 6pm to 7pm and the Ordeal will be over between 10am and noon.

Ordeal Registration

Upcoming Events

Summer Ordeal: September 30th-October 2nd

LEC: November 13th

Winter fellowship: December 9th-10th

All events listed above will be held at Camp Edgewood. Registration for the Spring Ordeal and LLD/Fellowship weekend will be posted soon. Costs will remain the same as the 2015 Winter Ordeal listed below.

LEC Positions Available

The following positons are still available for youth and adult Arrowmen:

OA Troop Representative Chairman

Membership Committee Chairman

Leadership Development Chairman

Camping Promotion/"Where To Go Camping" Chairman

Red Apron Kitchen Chairman