LEC Positions Available

The following positons are still available for youth and adult Arrowmen:

OA Troop Representative Chairman

Quelqueshoe Drum & Dance Team Chairman

Membership Committee Chairman

Leadership Development Chairman

Camping Promotion/"Where To Go Camping" Chairman

Activities & Service Chairman

Red Apron Kitchen Chairman

LEC Meeting on Sunday, January 25

Our new chief, Brandon Brewer has called a Lodge Executive Committee meeting for this Sunday, January 25 at the Council Office. Adult meeting with the Chief at 1:00 PM and Youth Officers and their Associate Advisers at 2:00 PM. This will be a planning meeting to finalize the Lodge Calendar and Ordeal dates.  You will get to meet our new Professional Adviser, Stephen Pousson. Youth and Adults, that want to serve their lodge, now is the time to step up. We are always looking for additional Arrowmen to help out our committees, so pick one that interests you. We look forward to seeing you there.

Legacy Lid

It's time to move forward with sharing our lodge's history with the rest of the country as we move towards celebrating the Order of the Arrow's 100th Anniversary.

Our next step is to ponder the legacy our lodge has left in the Order's first 100 years serving our council and the legacy our lodge wants to make in a new century of service. At the last NOAC, each lodge was given a Centennial crate to assist our lodge in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the OA. In 2013, our lodge's charge was to take the lid to this crate and paint it on one side to reflect our lodge's legacy. We should consider incorporating the design for our 100th anniversary NOAC 2015 contingent flap into the lid design.

Our lid will go with us to NOAC this summer. If you want to assist our chief Brandon Brewer on the lid and contingent flap design, please contact him and join in the fun.

New Supreme Chief of the Fire

Mr. Mike Beer has been selected Council Scout Executive for Calcasieu Area Council. As the Council Scout Executive, he is also the Supreme Chief of the Fire for Quelqueshoe Lodge. We welcome him to our council and to our lodge. He officially begins February 16th.


2014 Annual Banquet

The annual recognition banquet for 2014 was held at Camp Edgewood on January 10, 2015. It was a homecoming back to Camp Edgewood for our 75th Anniversary of the lodge. Vice Chief J.C. Land opened the ceremonies. There was the annual presentation of roses by Chief John Williams to the moms of the lodge officers. Brandon Brewer presented the new Vigil Honor members with their new names and Vigil sashes (Mr. Doug Brackbill and J.C. Land). Arrowman of the Year was awarded to adult - Elizabeth Wagster and youth - Nich Louviere. The Founders Award was awarded to adult -Mr. Rich Lee and youth - J.C. Land.


2015 Quelqueshoe Lodge Officers

 Chief : Brandon Brewer                    Contact:

 Vice Chief : Adam Wagster               Contact:

 Secretar/Treasure: Nick Louviere      Contact:

 Lodge Adviser: Mr. Rich Lee             Contact:


Centennial Vigil Card 

Vigil Honor members have a unique opportunity to purchase a commemorative centennial Vigil card. The cost of the card is $10 and can be ordered by completing the order form on Order of the  website. Don't miss out on this limited opportunity. All proceeds are going to the OA endowment.

Centuries of Service Arrowman Service Award

Arrowmen can work on the requirements from July 16th, 2014 until December 31st, 2015. Go to Order of the Arrow .org website for the form. Complete the Arrowman Service Award Progress Tracker and turn it in to our Lodge Adviser.