Founder's Award

The Order of the Arrow Founder's Award was first introduced at the 1981 National Order of the Arrow Conference, following the death of Goodman. This award honors Arrowmen in the Order of the Arrow for unselfish service above and beyond their normal duties to their lodge.

Any lodge may present the award to up to two arrowmen annually; lodges with more than 1,000 members may present up to three awards, and lodges with more than 1,500 members may present up to four awards. No lodge may present more than four awards. If more than one Founder's Award is presented, at least one must be presented to a youth member under the age of 21. Lodges are not required to give the Founder's Award if they feel that no one is worthy of it. A member may only receive the award once in his or her lifetime.

The award is a bronze medallion bearing the images of Goodman and Edson. The reverse of the medallion reads "For he who serves his fellows, is of all his fellows, greatest" which was Goodman's prime reason for starting the Order of the Arrow. The recipient may also wear a red OA Pocket Device with a gold arrow, instead of the red and white one with a silver arrow. The recipient is also presented with a certificate detailing his name and lodge.

Year Recipient #1 Recipient #2
1982 Mark Cardinal Dave Kandik
1983 Ronnie Cobb Jody Cole
1984 Richard J. Cole Jr. Kelly Dean
1985 Leighton Greenlee Leonard Myers
1986 Morris Garner Wilbert LeDoux
1987 James Tarver Jim Tarver
1988 Russell Roberts John T. Haifley
1989 Aaron Tarver Dan Houston
1990 Will Banks Vern Morgan
1991 Chris Franks Roland Lejeune
1992 Jason Roberts Patsy Lejeune
1994 Michael DeLeon
1995 Chris Perkins
1996 Richard McGregor
1998 Carl Dees Ian Mundt
1999 Andy Chapman Richard Bottini
2000 Justin Abshire Joe Castro
2004 Gidget Hendricks
2005 Scott Hendricks
2006 Brett Chapman Donald Dees
2007 Joel Dees Ernest Maggiore
2008 Taylor O'Quain Pam Dartez
2009 Ryan Johnston Roy Billodeau
2010 John Williams David Billodeau
2011 Kete Lanty Robbie Broussard
2013 Brandon Brewer Kevin Brewer
2014 J.C. Land Rich Lee
2015 Adam Wagster Richard Roy
2016 Nick Louviere Elizabeth "Liz" Wagster
2018 Patrick Juneau II Steven "Pup" Farque