Since the inception of the Order of the Arrow in 1915, all members have been equal; there are no ranks. As an Ordeal member you are entitled to all the rights and privileges of membership in the OA. Yet, so important is the induction sequence that the Order of the Arrow strengthened it by creating Brotherhood membership. It is an opportunity for members to evaluate their unit service since their Ordeal induction.

Brotherhood membership is sought by Arrowmen seeking to reaffirm their belief in the high purposes of the Order. Before becoming a Brotherhood member, each Arrowman makes a special effort to serve his troop or team. Each Brotherhood member commits to even more service to Scouting through the Order of the Arrow.

While the Ordeal consisted primarily of physical impressions, the Brotherhood ceremony is one of deeper and quieter mental impressions.

In order to earn the rank of Brotherhood, an Arrowman must serve a minimum of 10 months as an Ordeal member and fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Memorize the following signs of the Ordeal (all of which can be found in the OA Handbook or on the Jumpstart website):
    • The Obligation of the Order
    • The Order of the Arrow Official Song
    • The Admonition
    • The sign of the Ordeal membership
    • The Ordeal handclasp
  2. Further your understanding of the Ordeal
  3. Retain your registration in your Order of the Arrow lodge and keep your dues paid
  4. Review your progress by writing a letter to your lodge secretary. The letter should outline the following:
    • Explain what you think the Obligation means
    • Describe how you have been fulfilling this Obligation in your in your daily life, and how you have used your understanding of the Ordeal to aid in this service
    • Describe your specific plans for giving service in the lodge

The letter as described in the last requirement should be brought to your Brotherhood Ordeal.

Bring what you normally would on a regular camp outing, but please be sure to bring your Ordeal sash and Class A Boy Scout uniform.

On a final note, please provide the Calcasieu Area Council with an up-to-date Annual Health and Medical Record