The role of the elangomat is to provide a living example of the ideals of the Order, and, through leadership in cheerful service, assist the candidates in meeting the challenges of the Ordeal. One can more easily live out the values of the Order of the Arrow if one first sees someone else living them. Through the elangomat's example, candidates are encouraged to catch the vision of themselves which lies at the heart of the Ordeal's purpose.

"Elangomat", the Lenage word for "friend", is the term given to an Arrowman who supervises a crew of candidates, commonly referred to as a "clan". He leads by example - as the elangomat successfully completes each challenge of the Ordeal, he shows the candidates that they can as well. The qualities of a good elangomat are the essence of the Order itself - a strong sense of brotherhood, cheerfulness in the face of irksome tasks and weighty responsibilites, and a willingness to give service to others. They do not need to be able to recite the 10 Induction Principles by heart, but they should be trained on how to best uphold them during the Ordeal experience.


We are looking for Arrowmen with a passion for service, and who will be able to communicate the spirit of the Order through his actions and example. Arrowmen who have recently sealed their membership and became Brotherhood members are a good resource because they will be looking for ways to cheerfully serve others. Elangomats should idealy be at least Brotherhood level because of the role they play after the Ordeal in encouraging the members of their clan to become Brotherhood members.



Quelqueshoe Lodge honors their Elangomat's

 with a special green border lodge flap




Frequently Asked Questions of the
Elangomat Program

Q: Why is the Elangomat job important?
A: The Elangomat is critical in the Order of the Arrow because it is essential to the membership of new members that their Induction is meaningful and helpful. If a Candidate gets the wrong impression of the Order or does not understand what is happening during the process, he will soon abandon our lodge. Elangomat is Lenni Lennape for friend and a friend is just what new members need. They need guidance to see the path to Brotherhood and why it is important.


Q: What do I need to Bring?
You want to bring a day pack, lots of water, and some type of tool. Just remember what you brought to your ordeal.


Q: Why is the Elangomat important?
A: An Elangomats job is not over right after the candidates finish their Ordeal. The Lodge would like to try something different for a change. You should write down the candidates name and number, so you can contact them before an event to encourage them to come to the event, and stick with them until they earn brotherhood.

One of the things Quelqueshoe Lodge lacks, is the Brotherhood conversion rate. The Lodge must "convert" 30% of the previous years new Ordeal members, to become a Quality Lodge.


Q: How often should I contact Candidates?
At least once a month with information about Lodge Events.


Q: What drives me to keep communication with those Candidates for so long?
The incentives of Brotherhood and a patch are no reason to give aid to your fellow brothers. Merely job perks, the two in no way compare to the kind of impact you can have on new members. As an Elangomat, you have a responsibility to your clan to give them the best chance they can have at becoming successful in the Order of the Arrow which can affect the rest of their lives. As a representative of your chapter and lodge, candidates base their views of the Order on their experience with you and if it is a poor one they may leave forever. It is your duty to show them how great our brotherhood can be so they can choose to go on or not and not be shunned away.


Q: Why do I have a Co-Elangomat?
Two Elangomats are paired together so that they may assist each other and make sure no clan gets one Elangomat who fails on the job.


Q: Why is attaining the Brotherhood Honor important?
Becoming Brotherhood is the sealing of one’s membership in the Order. It means after you have been elected by peers and undergone an Ordeal, you have continued on by thriving on brotherhood, cheerfulness and service and completing the tasks of the Brotherhood Honor. The commitment it takes to reach this point is the ticket to Brotherhood. By sealing your membership, you can receive a full understanding of the Order of the Arrow and learn why you were elected in the first place – not for what you have done but for what you are expected to do. 


Q: When do I get the patch?
Upon completion of the Elangomat Training and Ordeal that is when one will recieve their Quelqueshoe Lodge Elangomat Patch.


Q: Who do I talk to if I have questions or want to sign up to be an Elangomat?
The Ordeal Master.